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Hi, I'm Riana Martinez. I am the owner and creator of The Green Omen Apothecary. A mom, a wife, an herbalist and an artist. I am somewhat new to this community and learning more about it every day. I grew up in both Ventura county, and in the Tehachapi mountains. I'm passionate about plant medicine, gardening, photography, crafting, painting, traveling, being outdoors, and learning (to name only a few). If you asked my husband, he'd tell you that no dream is ever too big when it comes to my goals in life (and thank God he always supports/encourages them). I am always striving to make things better, to grow, to read as many pages of as many random books I can get my hands on (thanks, ADHD), and truly, just to succeed. I am on an eternal journey to find more peace, simplicity, and beauty out of life.

The Green Omen

Herbalism was always a part of me, I just didn't recognize it until I was in my early 30's. I always had this unexplainable intuition when it came to plants. I could identify them visually and could tell you which plants to use for teas to create your desired outcome - all without having any real reason for knowing.I found myself constantly creating new teas for the people in my life. "Headache? Try this. Stomach issues? Try that. Liver disease? How about this." My family and friends started to question how I knew these things. I thought - I don't know... but I should probably get some real education on the subject! And I did just that in 2018.


For my studies, I've attended countless classes from other herbalists, wise-women and business experts. I have been, and still am attending The Herbal Academy for my herbal courses. Herbalism is a vast subject that one will simply never learn enough about, and I will continue learning for the remainder of my life.I spent 20 years (20 years too many) working in a financial corporate job. It paid the bills, but exhausted me and never brought me any satisfaction. I managed, I trained, I wrote guidelines - you name it. I never thought I could take the plunge and leave it behind me forever... until I did. 


The Green Omen Apothecary started on a whim when Tiffany of Oracle made a post looking for an artist or herbalist. Hi, it's me you're looking for!- I had a strong pull to reply to the post. Tiffany accepted me and in one month, I quickly set up my apothecary in a small room in her shop. That small room would one day turn into the entire shop (which I also put together in just one month)!

How did I get here?

I love to create things, period. If that's a picture, growing a garden, or blending a new tea - it brings me immeasurable joy. My desire is to share all that I have to offer with my community, friends and family, in hopes of making a difference for even just a handful of people. I want to make people feel good inside, good about themselves, teach them what useful knowledge I have and to provide a space that offers them comfort and peace.


I hope that if you are able to visit The Green Omen Apothecary, you feel welcomed and comforted the moment you open that door. I am confident that you can find products there (or online) that can help you with your goals and that you leave the space feeling more uplifted than you were before you came in.

My Mission

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What a great tea shop! The Iced Blue Moon was fantastic, just what I needed to relax and get centered. The shop is great too, filled with all kinds of treasures. Highly recommend The Green Omen.


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